Reinventore WordPress and Magento e-commerce website

In 2011, I worked very closely with the Design Director of Branding by Design to produce a very special website for a very special Italian educational company.

Reinventore is a company formed by some very bright educational professors whose aim was not only to share their knowledge and expertise about science but also to sell products to help children learn about science.

Thus, they came to us seeking a cost-effective website that could provide them with a platform to post articles (i.e. a blog) and sell products (i.e. e-commerce). I knew individually the right solutions for each requirement but combining them together was a new challenge.

Thus, the solution I developed for them was built on open-source software and comprised WordPress, which gave them a very effective platform on which to write engaging articles with images and videos and Magento, which gave them a comprehensive and feature rich e-commerce platform on which to sell their products.

Wordpress provided Reinventore with a very capable platform on which they could deliver their articles.

Magento provided Reinventore with a comprehensive and feature rich e-commerce platform on which they could sell their educational products.

With Theming capability just like WordPress, I was able to integrate the Magento store seamlessly and provide a rich experience for customers.